Ages 10 - 14 months

WED or FRI 11:30 AM 

1 Hour

From a curious crawler to the wobbly walker. This class is a solid hour of discovery in early childhood stimulation. Divided in 3 sections: music, sensory exposure (experiencing different textures every week, including, slimy, cold, gooey and sometimes also messy), and last but not least important, gross motor skill in our state of the art indoor playground design specifically for this age group. A fun, silly and playful class with all the early childhood stimulation your little one needs at this age


Ages 8 months - 2.5 years old

TUE or WED 9:00 am  in English or ,  FRI 9:00am in Spanish

45 minutes class

A fun, silly, and playful class that brings you back to your childhood memories, We will sing, dance and play. We will are also to be visited by some furry friends that will participate in our music activities. Class is divided in 2 parts, music for about 25 minutes and 20 minutes in our beautiful playground, allowing your child to receive, visual, auditorial and social stimulation during our music time and exercises gross motors skill during playground time. This class will also stimulate their curiosity at the end of class exploring a surprise. Available in English or Spanish

Good to know:
fees & memberships

our classes are on going all year around.

you can start a session any time is convenient for you, just register, and get ready for some silly time.

if a class is full, please check weekly, as classes availability could change in a weekly base

sessions run for 8 consecutives weeks, 1 class per week

Music  or  Music & Playground $240

Music Art & Playground  or,  Music Sensory & Playground $280

Music Learning & Playground $360

Classes must be consumed during a current session,
Make ups must be scheduled and consumed during your current session in ANY class that is age appropriate.
Make ups are subject to space availability and should be scheduled in advance.
Make ups expire the last day of your session.
Make ups DO NOT extend sessions or roll over into new sessions.
Make up schedule that is not attended will be considered consumed even if you did not show in class.
Make ups cannot be transferred to siblings or other non-members or members.

Make ups are not guaranteed or granted to any member or session if all classes are at capacity.

more Silly NOTES
* Runny noses or coughs, can not participate in classes. Please use your make-ups for days under the weather

 * SMP will clean and disinfect prior, during, in between and after each class

During our art sessions we will provide all materials, aprons or smocks, however, we suggest a change of clothes always be on hand for the little ones. Parents/caregivers may also get some paint on their clothes. Please be advised to dress appropriately.  All of our paints are NON TOXIC and most of our paints are washable.
@ SMP Shoe removal is mandatory for everyone. Children should be BAREFOOTED and adult should wear socks

 * Classes are not refundable and non transferable


SILLY MONKEYS PLAYHOUSE understands and respects that every child is unique and learns different skills at various speeds and different ways. Some children learn by quiet observation while others learn by actively participating.  are classes have age suggestions but feel free to explore and consul with our expert teacher if you wish to join a SPEcific class

Lets  go!   lets  have  some  Silly  Monkey  fun!


Ages 2.5 - 3.5 years old

THU 10:30 am

1 1/2 Hour

Exposure to early childhood academics (ABC's, colors, numbers, shapes, basic math, preschool learning), all lesson plans and related crafts will strengthen cognitive abilities, develops subject recognition, fine motor skill practice, enhances classroom behavior, expands on creativity and expression, exposure to groups activities and interaction, build self-confidence, and fosters easier transition to school. This is not a drop off class an adult must accompany the child.


Ages 16 months - 36 months

TUE 10:00 am in Spanish or,    WED 10:am or,   THU 9:00 am or,    FRI 10:00 am in English

1 Hour

This class brings out the playfullnes in your little one. Your observer is now a doer, they are more independent, active and curious: this class stimulates all their curiosities and expose them to creativity and expression. The sensory art projects changes weekly, allowing a new discovery and experience every week for a full year. Class is divided in 3 sections of about 20 minutes each. Available in English or Spanish


Ages 6-12 months

TUE 11:30 am 

30 minutes class

Jamming to early childhood popular songs. Class activities include chants, small and large movement and instrumental play. class is enhanced with lot's of visual, auditorial and social stimulation while discovering and having fun at the same time in this very early but, very important stage of early childhood stimulation