PENDING CLASSES PRIOR TO CLOSING Due to social distancing restriction, we are on hold with some of our regular classes, adding additional programs or adjusting our regular schedule, but don't worry, all Member sessions have been frozen since Monday, March 16, 2020, your sessions can be reinstated at your convenience starting NOV 1, 2020, some rules do apply due to space limitation, we will send you an email with details upon your request. Members have until March 31, 2021, to reinstate their pending session. Please request your activation by sending an email to

Please keep in mind that due to CV19 guidelines space is limited and activation must be approved by SMP prior to coming into a class. 
We appreciate your support, understanding and cooperation during this challenging times.

After you register you will be receiving an email with a list of instruments or alternative home prompts that will substiture the instrument. You do NOT need to purchase new instruments. Sample instrument:  Drum - Plastic Salad bown or TupperwareCoco and us miss you! We can not wait to see you all again and go back to being silly together!

Safety is our priority in these challenging times, S.M.P. will be following City of Miami ordinances and abide by all Florida Health Department guidelines in all of our outdoor and Indoor classes, we will be going the extra mile, to keep everyone safe and in peace of mind, while kids can once again benefit from the importance of early childhood stimulation and socialization. 
Guidelines will be posted on our website and will be updated, as we keep learning from our experts.


  • Classes are currently limited to a maximum of 10 children per class
  • SMP will disinfect prior, in between, and after each class.
  • in addition, SMP will be using UV light disinfection at the end of each class to disinfect our premises and prior to each class and in between.
  • Waiting area is outside our door. Prior to enter SMP, our staff will measure all adults and children, any person with a temperature of more than 100.4F or 38C will not be able to stay.
  • No sick child with runny nose or cough can participate in class, even if they show no fever.
  • Members will be asked to wash hands or disinfect prior to the beginning of each class and prior to use playground area
  • Please maintain social distance during playground time, minimum of 6 or more feet apart.
  • Adults must wear mask covering noses and mouth at ALL times.
  • Children over 3 years old (36 months) should where a mask as a recommendation of CDC guidelines.  
  • Due to space limitation, only 1 adult per child or 1 adult per siblings.
  • SMP staff will be washing hands prior, during and after each class
  • SMP staff will be wearing mask during classes.
  • Guideline changes can be made based on updates from City of Miami and at our discretion without further notice.

PRIVATE small FAMILY Birthdays celebrations at Silly Monkeys Playhouse are also NOW available. Please ask our staff for more information on dates, times and fees.
Must follow S.M.P. Covid19 guidelines