Coco and us miss been silly with you! 
We hope all our little Monkeys and their families are well in health!
It's been a challenging time to adjust to, but hopefully soon, we will be again celebrating life and been silly together.

Safety is our priority in this confusing and challenging times, we are following City ordinances and hope to reopen our doors soon during PHASE II. Currently our estimated target date is JULY 7. For now, we believe online classes are the best choice to keep everyone safe and stimulating their growing needs. 
S.M.P. wants to guarantee you, that when we re-open we will be adding extra procedures to keep everyone safe and in peace of mind. This new guidelines and rules will be posted soon on this webpage prior to re-opening S.M.P. doors. Stay tune to get the latest updates of when we will re-open and all NEW temporally classes available online or outdoors.

PENDING CLASSES PRIOR TO CLOSING All Member sessions have been frozen since Monday, March 16, 2020, sessions will reinstate when we re-open our doors. Meanwhile, take advantage of the online programs and Where is CoCo’s? game, created to keep your little one busy while stimulating their growing needs, which are very important during the stages of early childhood.


MUSIC Classes starting at 12 months to 5yrs old. Tuesdays, Spanish 9:30 or English 10:15.  
MUSIC & ART Class open ended creativity and fun for kids 16 months to 3 years old. Wednesday, 9:30 or 10:15 or Thursday 9:30.
ABC's MUSIC & ART learning letters, shapes, numbers and more though music and art for kids 2.5 to 3.5 years old. Thursday 10:30
​PRE-School MUSIC & ART Starting in JUNE, earning letter sounds, math, science and more, for kids 3 - 5 years old.
OUTdoors MUSIC & ART & DISCOVERY Starting in JUNE, for kids 3 - 5 years old. Every class will be a fun adventure.

Duration: 30 minutes
Package: 8 weeks 1 class p/week
Fee: * Price adjust weekly reducing the amount based on the weeks left on the session Base fee is: $120.00 for 8 weeks p/family maximum 2 siblings. Additional (2nd) class fee: $100.00 for 8 weeks
Session period: May 12 – July 3 2020.
To maintain a good quality class our classes will be space limited. REGISTRATION now open on our webpage

Parents participation is more fun for all of us! 
Classes will have instructions with list of materials needed for Parents and kids to be prepared prior to classes. We will try to use common materials that are easy to find in must homes.

WHERE IS CoCo?  Oh Oh Oh aahhh

Let's play together & learn

Coco wants to play & learn the City with you! Coco is going around town and learning all about the City and the different professions. Coco wants your little one to learn with him and share the learning experience with all of us.
Let's play together! and stay connected.
We are all winners in this learning game. Great for ages 15 months and up, game has different levels for all ages curiosity and creativity, expanding their learning levels with no limitations.

Where is CoCo?
Game Instructions

Every week GO to Silly Monkeys Playhouse Facebook and or Instagram page.
Every week CoCo will be at a different location and learning about recognizing City building and or the different professions. Parents must show to theirs kids CoCos photos, talk about it, show them books or draw with their kids about the City location or profession CoCo is referring that week.
All kids are winners! they just have to learn about the City location and profession on each weekly post, then replay to each post with:   

a photo of the child at the actual or similar location or,   
take a photo with your child and a book that references to CoCo's post or,   
show a drawing your child did that references to the building or person in that profession or, 
a small video just saying a word that refers to CoCo's post.

AGE: Ages 15 months and up can take advantage of a learning experience in this game
Winning PRIZES:
1. Learning words (vocabulary), jobs and City buildings.
2. A personal video call from Coco and us at the end of the game to each child that participated in every post.

Our warmest Monkey Hugs your way, stay safe! See you soon!