Coco- a silly Monkey and Teacher

Coco is a special monkey born in COCOnut Grove, Florida in 2010.

He is a happy monkey that loves to be silly with all of the kids that visits him, very playful and friendly monkey that loves music, art, discovery, sensory, learning and must of all to share silly times with your little one. 

Georgia- silly Director and Teacher

Georgia was born in Milano, Italy and lived there as a child and throughout her school years.  She studied art, dance and drama. In college Georgia graduated as a Graphic Designer while working as a tour operator for Italian tourism in Dominican Republic. When she arrived to Miami in 1990, she was the manager of two hotels on Ocean Drive and shortly after became a property manager of several buildings in Miami. She then had many successful years as a Real Estate Agent. 
It was not until she became a mother that her true passion was born.  She felt a strong need to return back to art and music, but with a twist. Her son was a true inspiration, seeing her boy and other little ones' natural and pure instinct to explore art and music.  This was a clear message for her to go back and study more about art, music, play and discovery but, this time, from the infants' and toddlers' perspective. After several years of studying consulting books, parents and instructors, Georgia graduated from music programs for early childhood and decided to open 
SILLY MONKEYS PLAYHOUSE in 2010.  Her passion was realized with a place for children and parents to bond, learn and communicate through art, music and play and for parents/caregivers to enjoy their children's first growing years.  This is a comfortable environment for parents to spend quality time with their little ones in various unique ways. In addition, to also socialize with other parents and share this amazing and magical stage of the early development of there little 'Monkeys'.​​